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If you can not yet read Hebrew we strongly recommend that you invest in Instant Hebrew, which teaches you to read Hebrew in just 120 minutes. From this page only, we are able to offer it for a discount of $10!

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"Learn To Read Hebrew In 120 Minutes From Now - Guaranteed"

Instant Hebrew is an online course that was created so that you can start reading Hebrew immediately.

Instant Hebrew will teach you how to read Hebrew in just 120 minutes directly from your computer.

Discover how easy it can be to read Hebrew today.

In just 3 lessons, you will be able to:

  • Read the Hebrew of the Bible.
  • Follow along during Hebrew prayers.
  • Impress your rabbi or pastor.
  • Teach your children to read or help them with their Hebrew Homework.


(Please note that you must be connected to the internet in order to watch the Instant Hebrew videos.)

Your Chance To Learn Hebrew!

Instant Hebrew guarantees that you will learn to read Hebrew in just 3 lessons. Remove the mystery surrounding Hebrew and start reading today.

Reconnect With God's Language!

Take the first step on the most enriching, beneficial and spiritual journey that you have ever been on. start reading the Bible and understanding God's meaning. Learn to identify the Hebrew alphabet and how to read simple Hebrew words. All in just 120 minutes!

Once you start learning Hebrew, you will see how easy it is to become more and more comfortable with the Hebrew language. Can you imagine being able to open a Hebrew Bible and every page not appearing to you as if it were gibberish?

After you take this course, you will be able to read Hebrew words all on your own.

For thousands of years, the Hebrew language has tied God to His Holy Land. This is your chance to strengthen your bond to both God and Israel.

With this 120 minute course, you will learn how to identify every single letter and how to pronounce every word of the Hebrew language.

No other Hebrew course can help you read Hebrew so quickly.

Learn Hebrew Instantly!

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Planning a trip to Israel? Learn Hebrew Today!

Hebrew isn't just for studying. Hebrew is also the language of the land of Israel.

If you are planning a trip to Israel, this course is an absolute must for you. After just 120 minutes, you'll already be able to recognize the letters you see on street signs and restaurant menus.

Enjoy touring the land of Israel and walking the same paths that the Patriarchs walked with the knowledge that you can read the same language they spoke.

Unlike most online language courses, Instant Hebrew is not an audio collection or a series of workbooks to fill out. Instant Hebrew is a one-of-a-kind, online video course that combines the intimacy of a private study session with the availability of an online classroom.


(Please note that you must be connected to the internet in order to watch the Instant Hebrew videos.)

Instant Hebrew Is Offering A Virtual Classroom Introduction To A Basic Hebrew Course That You Can Not Afford To Miss.

This 120 minute intensive online immersion course is the most effective way to produce the most astonishing results.

With Instant Hebrew you will:

Learn The Letters!Identify Hebrew letters and words in just 120 minutes!

Learn To Read The Bible!
Participate in Instant Hebrew's intensive Hebrew course and be able to read from the Bible right away!

Learn Online From Your Own Home!
Sit in your own home or office and learn to read the ancient language of Israel.

Learn With Israel's Quickest Curriculum!
You will be able to read Hebrew in 120 minutes. No one else can make that claim.

30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Our Guarantee to you is this:

If after taking the Introduction to Basic Hebrew 120-minute course, you can not identify the different Hebrew letters and are not able to read basic Hebrew words, you are entitled to a full refund.

Here at Instant Hebrew, we are fully invested in helping you learn to read Hebrew. If we haven't done our job properly then you shouldn't have to pay for our course. We deserve to be held accountable for you not getting the most out of our course.

Purchase now with no risk whatsoever. Feel confident in learning to read Hebrew with Instant Hebrew.


(Please note that you must be connected to the internet in order to watch the Instant Hebrew videos.)

Instant Hebrew Is Available Now!

It takes just a few minutes to place your order, and then you will be sent an email with instructions on how to access the course immediately.

At the end of the 120-minute course, you will be able to read the Hebrew alphabet and start putting words together.

Instant Hebrew's Basic Level Hebrew course is the only 120-minute intensive online immersion course.

What are you waiting for? Register now to get the one course that can teach you to read Hebrew fast.

Learn Hebrew instantly for just $37 $27!

That's right, you can get Instant Hebrew for over 25% off the normal price of $37, but only from this page.

Yes! I Want To Learn Hebrew Instantly!

I'm ready to start learning how to read Hebrew RIGHT AWAY!

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I understand that after I place my order I will be emailed instructions on how to access the course online immediately.

I'll have immediate access to the same proven learning techniques and methods guaranteeing 120 minute Hebrew reading success.

You've made it a very easy decision with your 30 day, 100% iron-clad money back guarantee and I'm ready to start right now.

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